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What sets Great Managers apart?

The old adage is true ‘People don’t leave organizations they leave their bosses’. Complexities of scale, value and talent prevail in our organizations and systems but organizations thrive when they have great leadership and this leadership percolates top-down. In my ongoing research, beginning with a small batch of 20 managers in 2009 and continuing till […]

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Why Millennial Leadership Development should be your first focus?

Two million millennials step into first leadership roles each years, that number seems to increase with organizations expanding glocally, this first year is critical as these new people leaders have to grapple with two primary areas – learning people management and getting things done. Research by Harvard business professor Linda A. Hill  shows that the […]

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How exceptional leaders build trust

Innovation, productivity and performance are higher in the context of intense trust. Studies[1] suggest that 4 out of 10 employees have trust in their leaders and managers, this means poor outcomes and loss of the idea of shared vision.   Joel Peterson, the chairman of Jet-Blue has written a great book, The 10 laws of […]

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