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Hello, I’m Joseph Abraham.

An entrepreneur, growth hacker, leadership development expert and an unshakable optimist dedicated to help inspiring millennial leaders, small business owners and solopreneurs do the things that truly inspire them.

My simple, smart and successful experiments will show you how to truly discover and enjoy what inspires you. Let me confess right away, I have had my own set-backs and lows, through the years I have discovered that to be authentically successful you need to be aware, clear, make effective choices, take powerful actions at the right time and measure what you do. It’s amazing to see how the rise of Internet technology has advanced and offers to us tools, information and resources like never before but sadly instead of helping us grow, it causes so much confusion and overwhelm. Then there are the ‘Gurus’ who are selling ‘quick shortcuts to improve life, make money, reach the top, gain fame and edge but this leads to no fulfillment and enjoyment.

What you will experience in this site is tremendous amount of value but with total honesty. There are hacks but no lame shortcuts and my commitment to you is to make the real hacks available to you! Your commitment to me is to 100% apply them!

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What People are Saying

  • I had the privilege of attending Mr. Joseph Abraham's training session at MSSW. The session went a long way in contributing to my professional and personal development. The importance of pursuing a career that is in tune with the my passion, was a key learning. The session on facing interviews, did contribute in a major way during my campus placements. Understanding the art of prioritization was one of my key take-away. Attending his training session, is an experience that has left a lasting impact on my life

    Sharon Peter TCS
  • Joseph Abraham is one of those few trainers I have come across who keeps the audience spellbound. I happened to attend his two-day Future Leaders Program that revolved around Leadership. It was a very enthralling session filled with activities and success stories. His dedication towards training is commendable. He has a very impressive profile and also provides support when required.

    Alok Lamech Cognizant
  • Joseph was our skill lab trainer when we were studying at MSSW, I would say it was magic, we were spellbound. Its one of the best training sessions I attended, it was in the year 2013 and I still remember the insights & tips he shared with us, the best part is that I could even remember his voice and gestures he used, the thoughts he planted in us was priceless, he was genuine, gave us time to understand, he was not in a hurry at all, he gave us a lot of resources,  if you want to bring a transformational change in your organization, he would be the best coach to your people and I could proudly say this anywhere. Thanks Joseph, you are an inspiration to us, keep rocking !

    Rangarajan S Ernest and Young
  • I have known Joseph for over 10 years and have seen him grow through these years. His passion for People Growth and Expertise in Learning and Development has helped him carve a niche for himself in the space of People Development. His unique Thought Leadership coupled with Practical Insights gives him the much-needed edge in this space. He is no doubt the go to person for Learning & Development.

    Joshua Rozario CEO - JRCI

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