Helping Organizations and Leaders Shift their Thinking and Systems towards

A new paradigm of Leadership Development

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Thanks for visiting my website. I help organizations and leaders strategically think about a new paradigm of leadership development within organizations that is relevant, relational and radical meeting outcomes and results like never before.  The big why behind this thinking is the brokenness of our present day systems that are based on yesterday’s philosophy, understanding of human potential, behavior, methods, and technology.

I have invested over 13 years in the area of Leadership Development and observed that there is a surge of new technology and an eagerness to adapt to the next shiny object (presently gamification and augmented reality), but the results haven’t changed drastically. I have worked consistently and researched over 200 leaders across levels and organizations and have observed the minimal impact of systemic leadership development experienced by them. Self-generated audits and reports by organizations and training organizations make tall claims but the true reflection is exhibited in poor organizational health. There needs to be a shift, a movement, a momentum to capture something powerful that can change the way we think, process, measure and build leaders.

Join this tribe and movement. Let’s make leadership development greatly fruitful. Swing by for insights on Leadership and Startups (Lessons from my personal failures and successes)


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