Experience Big Wins with Smart Small Actions
by Creating your own Intentional Productivity System.

A Live Workshop to help You create a powerful productivity system that will create big wins with smart small actions every day for you to experience freedom and growth live never before.

Discover Your Leverage

Gain deep self-awareness and clarity about you, that will help you to be the best, for productivity starts with You.

Learn a system that works

Use the framework to build a powerful productivity system on the awareness you gained to experience tangible results.

Develop Productivity Mastery

Learn the secrets of how to optimize, automate, leverage and outsource to gain a complete mastery of life productivity.
Discover how the Intentional Productivity System has helped professionals and leaders like you to improve at least 3x times.

What makes the Intentional Productivity System so Different?

When it comes to talking about their lives, many people are so close to their goals they don’t know where to start. The Intentional Productivity System Workshop helps leaders understand how productivity works so they can tap into their potential, deliver consistent high performance and everyday progress. Why this matters? Freedom, growth, and satisfaction are all tied to your lifework. All you need is a system that can help you be at your best in all the major areas of your life.

The Intentional Productivity System Workshop is taught by Joseph Abraham, creator of the P8 framework. Joseph has studied productivity for decades and as such is versatile because he has dabbled roles as a corporate leader, entrepreneur and community leader. Combined, in his experience, he has helped over thousand senior leaders. He’s consulted with hundreds of companies to help them with leadership development and improving performance and productivity. Joseph isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. The P8 framework was created to help him set a personal productivity system for his own life and his organizations, and the process resulted in him doubling revenue and profits for three consecutive years. Since then he’s gone on to consult with fortune 1000 brands and startups that are solving real and big world problems. Hundreds of Joseph’s clients have dramatically increased their productivity after learning the p8 framework.

In the 1-day Intentional Productivity System Workshop, you will: 1. Learn a proven productivity framework that has been used by thousands of successful leaders. You will completely understand how productivity works and why it’s the most powerful tool to compel a human brain. 2. Understand the building block of this framework and create a system 3. Apply this framework to your the roles you play in your life at work and beyond to experience immense growth, freedom and satisfaction.

  • Yours is the ONLY email I read regularly. And that says a lot on my end
    Rakesh Mehta Entrepruner
  • Attending Joseph's training session, is an experience that has left a lasting impact on my life.

    Sharon Peter TCS
  • Joseph Abraham is one of those few trainers I have come across who keeps the audience spellbound.

    Alok David Altimetrik
  • Joseph's unique Thought Leadership coupled with Practical Insights gives him the much-needed edge in this space. He is no doubt the go to person for Learning & Development.

    Joshua Rozario Personal Branding Coach

What’s My Investment?

How much is years of work and with little satisfaction costing you? How much is having a great family but no time for time costing you? How much is having unclear plans, goals, ideas, dreams, and aspirations costing you?  How many people are passing up your CV/Resume? How has growth become costly for you? A lack of a robust productivity system may already be costing you a great deal.

Early Bird

₹ 5,000

per Person
You can avail the early bird discount up to 10 days before each workshop, post which the workshop fees get revised to regular.


₹ 6,000

per Person
The workshop fees get revised from ₹5,000 to ₹6,000 10 days prior to the workshop and this is the regular rate for the workshop. 

At – Venue

₹ 7,500

per Person
You can still register at the venue, but we have just 3 slots and it’s on the first-come-first-serve basis. Keep us informed.
*registration fee does not include hotel accommodations
For multiple registrations and other questions? ✆ +91 98400 79377 or mail us at ja@kjosephabraham.com

Upcoming Workshops

Live Workshop


17th 2018

Chennai, India

Live Workshop


24th 2018

Chennai, India
*Exact address for the Workshop and hotel recommendations will be sent in a welcome email after you’ve registered
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